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Our Methodology Wins Hearts: Embraced by Both Students and Parents

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We Change Lives, Everyday

Welcome to Choco Inglés Academy, a rapidly growing online education hub dedicated to revolutionizing English learning in Latin America. 

We employ a fun and effective teaching method for children, ensuring they not only enjoy their lessons but also become fluent speakers. 

As opportunities abound, we believe in fostering the right mindset and discipline for success.

Based in Latin America, our passionate team is committed to making English education accessible and enjoyable for all.

Nelly Valencia - CEO

Comprehensive Resources

Our class materials are meticulously prepared, ensuring a seamless teaching experience.

Training Excellence

Enjoy training as you familiarize yourself with our innovative teaching methodology.

Life Enhancement

Take advantage of life coaching, performance bonuses and access to online psychological assistance.

Flexible Schedule

Opt for part-time opportunities with afternoon availability, allowing you to work 5 to 7 hours in the afternoon.

Career Advancement

Unlock substantial growth opportunities, as many of our management team members started as teachers, showcasing our commitment to promoting from within.

Work-Life Balance

Experience the convenience of working from home, conducting your classes through video calls.

Our Guiding Principles

Excellence Standard

Achieve remarkable results and uphold a standard of greatness

Honest Communication

Value honesty and openness; providing feedback is an act of loyalty.

Passionate Dedication

Demonstrate a fervent passion for both helping others and achieving excellence.

Discipline and Persistence

Embrace discipline and persistence, doing what needs to be done even when it's challenging.

Pursuit of Improvement

Commit to perpetual improvement in physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial aspects.

Great Attitude

Cultivate belief in oneself, express gratitude, maintain enthusiasm, and take pride in accomplishments.